Solution Overview

The illumitask suite of mobile, desktop and cloud applications empowers your organization to avoid safety and operational events, facilitate Human Performance best practices, and improve organizational performance.


Perform tasks more safely and effectively by engaging the workforce in systematically reviewing the work to be performed, identifying risks and developing appropriate mitigation strategies, while leveraging past lessons.

  • engage the workforce in systematically reviewing work to be performed
  • identify details of high-risk and critical tasks to the organization “before” work takes place
  • identify human performance modes, error traps and triggers, and specific work related hazards
  • develop mitigation strategies and identify appropriate Error Reduction Tools
  • leverage prior work experience and lessons learned
  • easily capture details of the pre-task discussion in a Brief
  • share the Brief across the organization with all appropriate stakeholders


Verify briefing leader competence for performing effective pre-task briefings and provide coaching.

  • systematically identify opportunities for improvement
  • provide real-time coaching opportunities to help improve performance


Confirm effectiveness of the pre-task briefing by validating with the briefing leader and task personnel.

  • ensure information is understood and appropriately applied by work participants
  • provide real-time coaching opportunities to help improve performance


Provide oversight of high risk tasks to ensure that risks are understood and mitigated by the organization.

  • make sure tasks are performed safely and in alignment with the Brief
  • apply best practices for reducing errors and preventing events
  • mitigate risks and prevent high risk actions before they lead to injury or loss


Share lessons immediately with the workforce to avoid errors and benefit from opportunities for improvement.

  • systematically capture lessons learned from critical tasks
  • immediately share lessons with future critical task performers
  • benefit from past task experience to mitigate risk of injury, loss, and enhance task performance
  • avoid recurring mistakes and ensure that past successes are repeatable
* LEARN is available via the administrative console


Deliver management oversight and support for all applications in the illumitask suite.

  • provide visibility of Key Performance Indicators KPI related to Human Performance Improvement HPI Activities
  • provide real-time information from the field to management on high risk activities via the comprehensive dashboard
  • enhance procedural adherence by providing customizable pre-task brief content
  • avoid potential operational risk by delivering just-in-time advisories to field personnel
* VIEW is available via the administrative console


Perform tasks more safely and effectively by engaging workers to self-check and review planned tasks with associated risks prior to performing critical activities.

  • quickly verbalize the work to be performed
  • identify error traps and useful Error Reduction Tools
  • identify hazards and mitigation measures
  • self-check readiness to perform the task

The illumitask suite provides:

  • seamless integration of key safety enhancing processes centered on critical tasks.
  • valuable tools to ensure work is performed in accordance with planned activities and with effective oversight.
  • post-task reviews and observations to capture lessons and enhance organizational learning.
  • powerful tools to management giving access to real-time two way information flow with the field with the VIEW cloud service.

Enhance safety

Powerful real-time tools support every level of your organization to enhance the safety of critical activities containing the potential for significant harm to People, Environment, Quality or Equipment.

Cost effective

By reinforcing corporate safety culture and facilitating processes that are proven to reduce events, illumitask delivers high value to your organization.


Two-way flow of information ensures that workers in the field have the details needed to leverage lessons and reduce the risk of critical task activities.


Provide visibility of critical task activities in the field with over two dozen dashboard views that present key metrics of safety performance.


Every organization is unique. The illumitask suite is easily configured to deliver content specifically tailored to the needs of your organization.

Mobile ready

illumitask's mobile applications enhance your safety program by enabling staff to safely perform tasks regardless of their location.

What We Do

At illumitask, we help organizations enhance the safety and effectiveness of their operations.

We do this by providing the illumitask SUITE, a complete mobile and cloud based solution that integrates with the proven Human Performance Improvement (HPI) methodology of our partner, Fisher Improvement Technologies. The illumitask SUITE directly supports HPI activities, and provides visible Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for HPI, across the organization.

Our Team

The illumitask team brings together decades of experience implementing a wide variety of solutions to help organizations operate more safely and effectively.

Fisher Improvement Technologies is a leading expert for HPI training and consulting. In addition they are recognized globally, as leading experts in fatality and serious injury prevention.

Our partnership stems from recognizing that organizations need solutions to leverage investments in HPI training to fully realize the benefits of HPI best practices. This recognition combined with our shared desire to reduce significant events, brought our innovative and experienced team together.

Rob Fisher
President, Fisher Improvement Technologies

Rob Fisher is the President and owner of Fisher Improvement Technologies. Rob spent almost ten years in the US Navy before working at the South Texas Nuclear Project for twelve years. During this time Rob worked in Operations, Radiation Protection, Chemistry, Environmental, and ultimately owned the Human Performance Improvement initiative and the Procedure Program through a difficult plant recovery time. Rob has been consulting since leaving commercial nuclear power operations in 1996.

Rob has extensive experience in performing investigations, designing performance improvement systems, designing and improving corrective action programs, assessing, designing and running procedure programs, and educating staff. As a previous field and management owner of these areas, he brings an implementation mentality to consulting. He was involved in developing the nuclear industry standards for both human performance and procedures. He has successfully consulted for nearly one hundred companies in various fields including manufacturing, petrochemical, power generation (nuclear and non-nuclear), power transmission and distribution, and numerous Department of Energy sites.

For more information on reducing errors and events visit:

Chris Michel
President and Principal, illumitask inc.

Chris Michel is President of illumitask inc. Chris brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience complemented by over 30 years of working on information technology initiatives in a variety of roles.

As President and co-owner of High Path Solutions Inc., Chris helped establish a consortium of seven participants comprised of Canada’s national police force, four Provincial Capital Market Regulators and two self-regulating brokerage organizations. This consortium was formed to commission the development of MICA, a sophisticated solution for investigating insider trading and stock manipulation. MICA remains in service and has undergone several significant upgrades since being deployed.

Previously, Chris was Senior Vice President and Principal of KPMG-VERSA Systems Inc. In this role he contributed to establishing several new lines of business, provided oversight for numerous consulting engagements across North America and the Caribbean, and implemented the organizational facilities and capabilities to service KPMG-VERSA’s clients.

Before KPMG-VERSA, Chris was a Founding Principal and Manager with Spectra Securities Software Inc. At Spectra, Chris led the design and implementation of software solutions for Mutual Fund and Fixed Income retail broker order management. These solutions and their successful deployment to the brokerage and banking marketplace ultimately led to Electronic Data Systems (EDS) acquiring equity in Spectra.

Robert Maiman
Principal, illumitask inc.

Rob Maiman brings over 25 years of experience in the Nuclear and Canadian Financial and industries, specifically in financial analysis and information technology.

At illumitask, Rob is responsible for quality assurance, release management, training, and customer support.

As co-owner of Spindrift Software Inc., Rob led numerous initiatives for large industrial organizations for applications addressing Engineering, Radiation Safety, Operations, Chemistry, Human Resources and Control Maintenance needs.

As co-owner of High Path Solutions Inc., Rob led the initiatve to implement and deploy MICA, the solution used by Canada’s national law enforcement agency and provincial capital markets regulators to investigate insider trading and stock manipulation.

Raymond Cheang
Principal, illumitask inc.

Raymond brings over 25 years of experience with information technology initiatives, spanning application development, system integration, IT security, operations and support.

At illumitask, Raymond is responsible for IT operations, infrastructure, and product development.

As President and co-owner of Spindrift Software Inc., Raymond assured the success of numerous initiatives by leading the technical design and implementation of solutions addressing Engineering, Radiation Safety, Operations, Chemistry, Human Resources and Control Maintenance needs.

As co-owner of High Path Solutions Inc., Raymond led the team responsible for the technical implementation of MICA, the solution used by Canada’s national law enforcement agency and provincial capital markets regulators to investigate insider trading and stock manipulation.